Some Extraordinary Places in Papua for New Zealanders

Sometimes it becomes difficult for you to decide where to go and visit. You don’t find place to spend your time and enjoy some wonderful holidays. When you are searching for such a place, Papua is right there for you. Most of the New Zealanders often love to visit Papua and wish to visit it again and again.


Papua is a province of Indonesia. It's mostly the western half of the Island of New Guinea Island that it shares wih Papua New Guinea and smaller Islands newar this Island. It was first consisted of the whole western half of the New Guinea Island. But later in 2003 the province was alienated and the western part of the province was separated and was declared in Jakarta. This was considered a new province whose name was West Irian Jaya. But this separation has still not been accepted legally. This separation has a conflict with the Special Autonomy Status that was awarded to the province in 2000. But the same status has not been resolved for the new province West Irian Jaya.

Official Name for the province

The official and the name that is recognized in Indonesia and throughout the world is Papua. The name of this region during the colonial era was Dutch New Guinea. From 1969 to 1973 the province was known as Irian Barat or West Irian. But after that it was renamed as Irian Jaya by Soeharto. Then this name was replaced by Papua in 2002 and before that it was the official name of the province. But today as Papua is the official name of the province so the native people prefer themselves to be called as Papuans rather than Irianese.


Jayapura is the official capital of the province Papua. It is a place that attracts the tourists and the New Zealanders a lot. For their survival, most of the population of this province depends on farming. The major crops that these people sow are rice and maize. In Papua the main industries that are flourishing with every new day include copper, maize, copra, palm oil, pepper, groundnuts, coal, tuna, gold and phosphates. Geographically this region is surrounded by the Mountains and the Forests. The famous mountain range named as Moake Mountain range is included in this province and it rises to a height of 5029-m/16,499 ft at the Peak Jaya. Due to its geography the region is quite popular amongst the New Zealanders and is a great source of entertainment for them. The major population of the province actually comprises of the Papuans, Melanesians, Europeans and the Negritos.

Papuan Art

Papuan art is a great source of attraction for the New Zealanders. There is a museum in Geneva that is named as Barbier-Muller Museum. This museum contains a huge collection of the art of Papuan people. These are some of those places that attract the people throughout the world. They are source of information about the Papuan cultural heritage and old civilizations that were present there before. Many New Zealanders visit Papua more often and enjoy themselves a lot.